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Lichfield Cathedral

February 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I took these images in 2012.  They are of the West front and Nave of Lichfield Cathedral.  The camera is a Toyo View 5 x 4 inch film view camera, with movements for perspective and selective focus control.

The lens used for both photos is a Schneider 58mm, mounted into a recessed lens board.  For the exterior image, no lens shift was used, and the photo simply displays the potential for using an ultrawide lens for dramatic compositions with dynamic converging verticals.  Conversely, for the interior, the lens is shifted upwards as far as possible within the image circle, and both the lens and film planes are kept parallel to the building verticals, so they appear to be upright in the image.

The film is Ilford FP4 at 100 ISO; aperture f/16.

Lichfield Cathedral interior nave perspective correction vertical large formatLichfield Cathedral interior Lichfield Cathedral west frontl large formatLichfield Cathedral west front


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