Architectural Photography by Richard Ellis ABIPP | More interiors of Guildford Cathedral

More interiors of Guildford Cathedral

March 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

On a second visit to Guildford for my forthcoming residency, I went into a little more detail when photographing the interior.  The first image here is of the Quire, with the temporary electronic organ console and speakers.

guildford cathedral temporary electronic organ and speakersGuildford Cathedral temporary electronic organ and speakers


Below is the children's chapel, used especially by bereaved parents, and which also carries the emblem of the Girl Guides.

Guildford Cathedral children's chapel


A floor detail of the crossing, with the emblem of the Stag (the cathedral is situated on Stag Hill, so named for having been a royal hunting ground.

Guildford Cathedral stag emblem


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